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5 March 2021
Open Door Association

The Open Door Association has been operating since 1995. Its headquarter is located in Praga district. The scale of Open Doors' activity is impressive. On the one hand, it is providing direct support in the field of rehabilitation or education, on the other hand, it helds a number of social entrepreneurship initiative and projects.

The Association addresses its activities to people with disabilities, the homeless, unemployed, as well as children and adolescents. Their projects and activities are a response to the needs of people experiencing serious life problems. Lack of health, home, work, education, loneliness, depression or unstable family ties. This is often the everyday life of people who go to the Open Doors.

Open Doors carries out its activities through programs in the following areas:

  • Rehabilitation
    social and professional, enabling people with disabilities to reach for independence in life due to individualized forms of assistance (supported employment, training apartments, occupational therapy …)
  • Activation
    in the professional sphere, helping those who experience the long-term unemployed and troubles in finding a job (training, counseling, job placement …)
  • Resocialization
    supporting the homeless in overcoming the crisis, acquiring social skills and gaining life stabilization (education, counseling, therapy, work, volunteering …)
  • Sociotherapy and education
    support for children and adolescents with health and social problems through creating safe conditions for development, learning, awakening talents and passions (psychological support, self-help, tutoring, interesting activities, trips …)
  • Integration
    aimed at understanding and involoving other social groups in solving the problems of people using association support (social campaigns, fairs, picnics …)

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