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9 February 2022
Ovum Aureum

TADAM! Family Confectionery Workshop

  • where?

Window of the Tadam! workshop, located in a historic tenement house built at the end of the 19th century. Praga has long been associated with confectionery, this is where the Wedel factory as located, and the first Lukullus confectionery and manufactories producing sweets and toys operated.

  • what could we see? 

The installation presented an egg-shaped cookie that refered to the famous Fabergé egg and partly to the modern surprise egg. Fabergé eggs have become a symbol of luxury around the world. These little works of art were created by the Russian goldsmith Peter Fabergé in the 19th century. Today, they reach exorbitant prices, reflecting the craftsmanship of sophisticated goldsmith work and the nobility of materials. At the same time, the modern surprise egg is an eloquent symbol of the era of mass production, in which the goods are available to everyone, but the consequence is the use of low-quality food ingredients in combination with a toy made of environmentally polluting materials.

The golden egg-cake was made by hand, according to the rules of traditional confectionery, and the entire production process was coordinated by one person who supervised the quality. The egg, tailored for the exhibition, remain on the special offer for Easter.

  • context?

LUXURY. The contrast between Fabergé eggs and surprise eggs inspired the question of what luxury is in the production and consumption of food. Healthy food, based on good ingredients, is now becoming a luxury commodity. Eating a meal consciously and without haste, allowing yourself a bit of celebration, can also be a luxury. The egg-cake drawn attention to the problem of industrial food production, often associated with a decrease in quality, and recalled the beauty of artisanal products and their luxurious dimension. Even at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, confectionery was associated with art and craft. Currently, this trend is back and food is again becoming an artistic medium and a way of self-expression. A bit of luxury related to food and understood not by having, but rather by celebrating the time spent at the table with good coffee and cake, can be a source of joy that many can achieve.

Tadam! is a confectionery workshop founded by three siblings who share a passion for original sweets, art and everyday pleasures. We operate at the junction of traditional confectionery and design, creating beautiful cakes and biscuits with an interesting form and refined taste. We want our desserts to bring joy and be part of important moments spent with family and friends.

The description uses extensive fragments of the text by Max, Sonia and Ania Szostak.

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