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23 May 2021
PRA. An Illustrated Atlas of Praga Architecture

The Atlas is the sixth in a series of guide-books presenting the most important and interesting architectural objects in Warsaw. This time focusing on Praga.

This guide-book is dedicated to the history of architectural heritage of Praga within the area which was frst developed on this side of the river, and which includes historic Praga within the borders delineated by the railroad orbital, as well as the area of Kamionek which is located beyond the orbital. It presents 61 buildings, complexes and architectural details, monuments and sculptures located in the area. Each object is accompanied by a synthetic illustration and a short description in Polish and English. Architectural presentations are preceded by a bilingual introduction with an outline of the history of Praga.

Concept and design Magdalena Piwowar; selections and text Maciej Czeredys, Ewa Ziajkowska; illustations Maciej Drążkiewicz, Mateusz Gryzło, Peter Łyczkowski; English translations Zofia Sochańska, Bartek Kumor; published by Fundacja Centrum Architektury, 2020.

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