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4 February 2022
PRACA PRAGA Exhibition Selection results!

From among 12 interesting applications, the jury selected 5 proposals to be realised in Praga Północ in the second half of February, 2022. We will learn about contemporary interpretations of the heritage of Warsaw's Praga district.

PragaLAB gave space to diverse voices raising questions about the future of Prague’s heritage. We invited contemporary creators, artists, makers, producers to show their work in the spaces of Praga-Północ, in the context of work-related heritage.

As part of the exhibition, 5 art installations will be created, presenting the work of female and male creators in different spaces – always spaces of work, creativity, meetings and commerce, which together make up the past and present, and hopefully also the future, of Praga – a vibrant, active, creative and entrepreneurial one. The district built on the local values and attracing people from all over Warsaw and beyond.

From February 14 to 20, 2022 in Warsaw’s Praga Północ district you will be able to see:

  • Magazin/painting/photographic installation, Maria Kiesner, 22/3 11 Listopada St. (artist’s studio)
  • The Most Beautiful Shop (Najpiękniejszy sklep), Viola Głowacka, 8 Namysłowska St. (pavilion at Bazar)
  • Ovum Aureum. Is the golden egg still a symbol of luxury? A contemporary interpretation of a classical decoration from the perspective of confectionery craftsmanship, Tadam! Family Confectionery Workshop, 14 Jagiellońska St. (Tadam! Confectionery)
  • Worker (Robotnik). Aga Szreder, 4/47 Mała St. (artist’s studio)
  • Szchy A00 (Chess A00). Design and production process of chess sets, Katarzyna Rysiak and Paulina Mirowska, ul. Skoczylas 8, (Pracownia Wschodnia at pl. Hallera).Warszawa, Made in Praga Miejska wytwórczość Organizacje pozarządowe Otwarte dziedzictwo Rzemiosło Sztuka Wspólnot

You are welcome, more information soon!

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