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22 December 2021
Exhibition PRACA PRAGA / Change of the deadline!

We announce the open call for works to be presented in the exhibition titled PRACA PRAGA (eng. WORK PRAGA), which aim is the contemporary interpretation of the heritage of Warsaw's Praga.

Please note that we are extending the deadline for applications to 20.01.2022.

Through the creative activities of the broadly understood heritage community, the exhibition gives a space to a wide range of voices presenting visions of future of Praga’s heritage. The planned activities are related to strengthening the role of the community and its participation in defining the cultural values of Praga.

The exhibition in the physical space of Praga Północ is an element of a larger curatorial undertaking – “a guide to an (non) existing exhibition” a contemporary open interpretation of Praga’s heritage related to work and workforce. The documentation of the exhibition will be presented within this framework on the website and in publications concerning the guide. In addition to the photo documentation the guide will also include concepts of works, reproductions of works and texts constituting an open invitation for the audience to interpret of the topics such like:

  • WORK CONDITIONS, in particular for creative and productive profession, the role of physical space for working people, the importance of the location in Praga for artistic and productive work;
  • ENERGY understood both literally and metaphorically. The demand for energy, electrification, and currently digitisation are closely related to production and industry. At the same time, the workspaces are areas of creation and exchange of human, creative and social energy;
  • WOMEN and their role as creators, producers, employees, as well as recipients of work and production, and consumers;
  • LUXURY seen as a challenge for a sustainable and responsible economy. Luxury can be both a burden and a benchmark of high quality and durability for modern economies and cities. In the context of this exhibition the concept of luxury can be related to the issues of excess in art and in production; and

to create personal interpretations, walks around Praga with a guide and see or imagine individual elements of the exhibition.

Call rules and regulations are available at:

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