Praga Lab Praga Lab

24 May 2021
About craftsmanship… in theory

Join the first of the series of webinars accompanying the exhibition "In Warsaw's workshop"

How do you perceive the craftship? Who are the craftsmen for you? Do you think that in your neighbourhood, in your city, there are still any workshops in which someone manufactures items or provides repair services every day? Do you still notice the workshops of shoemakers, glaziers or watchmakers? These seemingly innocent questions are in fact the starting point for a very important discussion, a conversation about the role of handcrafting and urban manufacturing in the urban context and the future of that type of work, e.g. in Warsaw.

During the webinar, the results of research on crafts conducted by the Praga Museum were presented. We talked about the potential for adaptive reuse of the post-industrial facilities creating new space for craftsmanship.

The panelists were: Katarzyna Chudzyńska-Suchnik from the Praga Museum, Maciej Czeredys from PragaLAB,  Małgorzata Herman from Projekt Pracownie and  Wojtek Kacperski as moderator representing Zodiak. Warsaw Pavilion of Architecture

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