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23 May 2021
The exhibition “In Warsaw’s workshop”

"You walk along the streets of the city, you pass the workshops of a shoemaker, glazier and watchmaker. You think: "Is this Warsaw from the old days?" No! It is today's - a bit forgotten - beauty of the city. Production workshops have always been part of the urban space and now there are more and more in different parts of Warsaw.

The exhibition “In Warsaw’s workshop” organized by the Capital City of Warsaw and Projekt Pracownie in cooperation with the Museum of Warsaw and the OWSARP team (PragaLAB / OpenHeritage) is a way to present the professions that exists in the city for years including: a carpenter, jeweler, milliner, ceramist, glazier, leathersmith and watchmaker. The exhibition shows that manual producers are still an important element of the urban landscape and highlights their value for local communities. It reminds you that craft workshops are attractive points on the map of Warsaw that are worth visiting during leisurely walks. The authors and partners of the exhibition “W Warszawskiej Pracowni” – therefore encourage every one to learn about the work of Warsaw craftsmen and look at the results of the research reports on craftsmanship, urban manufacturing, the role of manual production of goods.  The exhibition presents photos of the workshops operating in the Old Town, Nowy Świat, Krakowskie Przedmieście and Powiśle, as well as in Ochota, Praga Północ and Mokotów districts. Some photos also show workshops located in more distant neighborhoods of Wilanów, Targówek and Żoliborz.

The exhibition stands in front of the ZODIAK Warsaw pavilion of Architecture

Until 28 May 2021 (free admission)

Organisers: Projekt Pracownie, Warszawa
Partners: Muzeum Warszawy, OWSARP (PragaLAB/OpenHeritage)
Production: Małgorzata Herman, Iza Sykut, Radek Zawadzki
Photos: Karolina Lewandowska, Natalia Miedziak-Skonieczna, Marta Wróbel, Krzysiek Jedynak, Radek Zawadzki, archiwum Muzeum Warszawy
Graphic design: Joanna Zamorowska (illustrations Weroniki Reroń)


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